Why Choose Alloy Wheels Over Steel Rims?


Alloy Wheels are the thing of ‘hipsters’ these days but did you know that alloys have more to them than simple visual aesthetics?

Of course, you did; how else would you qualify as an auto-enthusiast? The objective of this post is to highlight the practical advantages of alloy wheels over steel rims and to answer a few commonly asked questions.

Alloy vs Steel:

Alloy wheels perform the same functions as their steel counterparts except for considerably cutting weight. Alloy wheels are composed of aluminium and magnesium – although magnesium is not so popular nowadays due to a few negative aspects that we will be addressing in a while – for their lightweight properties, which do not just enhance acceleration and top speed but also increase fuel economy.

Magnesium wheels, or mag wheels, are just as popular as aluminium wheels, although they are highly combustible and burn red hot in the case of an accidental fire. Hence, they are more difficult to put out! However, if you ignore that part, mag wheels are the most stylish accessories, like a Toyota Hilux Lift Kit for your ride, but who wants to sacrifice safety for cosmetic benefits?

Advantages of Alloy Wheels:

Here are some of the advantages of alloy wheels over their steel counterparts.

  • Being lightweight, alloy wheels enhance handling and maintain better road grip.
  • Lightweight rims put less stress on the supporting components of your vehicle, such as the suspension column, reducing body roll.
  • Alloy wheels can absorb more punishment than conventional steel rims. Hence, they last longer and can go through greater stress. They do not bend easily and are more difficult to break.
  • Alloys dissipate heat faster than steel. Hence, they cool down quickly and can easily keep up with the temperature differences. This helps the brakes cool down faster, resulting in lesser chances of brake failure.
  • Alloys are available in a wide variety of shapes and designs and are available in chrome, paint or polish.
  • Alloy wheels last longer than traditional steel rims, making your neighbour grow green with envy.

Choose the Right Alloy Wheel

If you’re looking to buy mag wheels online, you should look for a store with a huge collection. A comprehensive collection must include everything from 4×4 alloy wheels to mag wheels and budget rims. They have to guarantee the right fitment the first time. Hence, send you exactly what you ordered first to avoid frustrations.

Good luck with shopping for your wheels on the web, it can be tough if you don’t know where to look, but I’d recommend searching on Google and reading reviews before deciding.